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Aqilion continuously explores new targets with a strategic fit to our pipeline. The goal is to provide a sustainable and innovative pipeline with first-in-class or best-in-class treatments for chronic inflammation and autoimmunity. The DX program is the Aqilion discovery engine aiming to nominate new targets and program for further development within the Aqilion pipeline.

Aqilion’s early discovery and target nomination work adheres to our foundational belief in a deep understanding of the underlying biological and clinical principles of inflammatory disease with an emphasis on drugability and chemical feasibility

All innovation is internally generated by the Aqilion team. This includes target selection, indication mapping and medicinal chemistry design. The discovery team takes a holistic approach when looking at new targets and potential indications and has an agnostic view to what technologies can be used in any given project. Currently the discovery efforts focus on targeting T-cells in disease.