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In October, Aqilion reported positive results from the ARIA-1 Phase 1 study in healthy subjects. The drug candidate AQ280 was well tolerated, and the achieved single and multidose exposure is in line with estimates of a therapeutically effective range based on preclinical models.

In August, Aqilion successfully completed the ARIA-1 Phase 1 study with the drug candidate AQ280 (Regulus program) in healthy subjects, in single dose and repeated doses.

In February, Aqilion announces pre-clinical licensing and strategic research collaboration with Merck.


Aqilion reinforces its position as a biotech company.

The drug candidate AQ312, a new treatment of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), strengthens and complements the pipeline.

In August, Aqilion started a Phase 1 safety study with the drug candidate AQ280 (Regulus program) in healthy volunteers.


Aqilion acquires a phase-1 ready anti-inflammatory program, now Regulus, from LEO Pharma.

The Alnitak program expands by the Alnitak CNS project.

The early oncology research project Alhena closes.


Aqilion initiates the Polaris program aiming at developing the first of its class compounds to prevent harmful effects of chronic inflammation.

Aqilion becomes a public limited company.

The headquarters move to new premises in Helsingborg and Aqilion opens an affiliate office at Medicon Village in Lund.


The pipeline strengthens with two preclinical programs in inflammation, Alhena and Alnitak.

Aqilion receives SEK 100 million through conversion of outstanding warrants.

PULS changes its name to AQILION AB as a step toward repositioning the company as a biotech company with a pipeline targeting inflammation.


Sarah Fredriksson joins as CEO.

AcuCort is listed on Spotlight and legacy PULS remains the principal owner.


The project company LIDDS is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth market.


Oncorena targeting advanced kidney cancer is founded.


Laccure, a female health project, is founded.


AcuCort AB with focus on allergy is founded.


Legacy PULS becomes operational. LIDDS AB is founded followed by the start-up of a number of projects and project companies through the coming years.


Legacy PULS (Partners för Utvecklingsinvesteringar inom Life Sciences, P.U.L.S. AB) is founded in Helsingborg, Sweden, by a group of people with backgrounds in the pharmaceutical industry and research.