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Aqilion’s business concept is to develop new drugs for patients who currently lack good treatment. Our strategy for success is to include sustainable development as part of our business.

To achieve our goal of a sustainable business model we are focusing on those areas in the UN’s Agenda 2030 where we can make the greatest difference. By allowing these goals to permeate our daily work through our decision-making procedures, quality management system, work environment, recruitment, risk management and investment assessments, we strengthen Aqilion’s value growth.

Target 3.4

Reduce mortality from noncommunicable diseases and promote mental health

Based on data-driven and innovative research, we develop new drugs for patients who currently lack good treatment.


Target 5.5

Ensure full participation for women in leadership and decision-making

We promote gender equality as a matter of course at all decision levels.


Target 12.4

Sound chemical and waste management

We use data-based design, AI, databases and new technology to reduce our environmental impact. Vi use resources correctly from an ethical perspective and promote sustainable development regarding laboratory and clinical development initiatives.

Our personnel are a key to success

Our personnel are a key to success and our work with sustainable development creates opportunities to attract and retain highly talented and dedicated employees who can advance the company’s interests. Aqilion tries to create the ideal team for all projects in the portfolio. It is important to have the ability to fully leverage those projects that have good potential. It is equally important for the team to have sufficient knowledge and integrity to be able to discontinue those projects that do not achieve their milestones, which therefore will not create sustainable development or value for Aqilion in the long term.