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Our Business

Scout, evaluate, create value and partnering

Aqilion identifies ideas that are based on solid scientific grounds where we can understand with reasonable clarity the underlying biology, clinical relevance and patient benefit. We focus on indications pertaining to chronic inflammation and dysfunctional immunological reactions such as autoimmunity, where we see a great future need, good potential for innovation and a clear interest in the market.

Choosing the right drug target program is the first key to success for Aqilion’s business model. New project ideas are generated internally at Aqilion. To identify potential projects, we continually dive deep into potential new targets, preferably within the target class kinases, using structural biology combined with new scientific data and progress on the research front in chronic inflammation and immunological driven diseases. In addition, we actively explore ideas by interacting with:

  • Academic groups with innovative ideas based on prominent research
  • Small biotech companies and leading contract research laboratories and specialists
  • Pharma and biotech industry, where we also have an interest in stalled projects of that may be a good fit for Aqilion’s business model

Our programs are driven internally and in close collaboration with highly experienced contract research laboratories, key opinion leaders and consultants possessing specialized cutting-edge knowledge in drug discovery and development. It is important to have the ability to fully leverage those projects that have good potential. It is equally important for the team to have sufficient knowledge and integrity to be able to discontinue those programs that do not achieve their milestones, which therefore will not create sustainable development or value for Aqilion in the long term.