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Code of Conduct

Aqilion wants to create added value for partners, customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders. We create value by identifying life science ideas that could potentially lead to new medications and refine them into commercially interesting projects for our customers, who represent the next step in the care chain. Our aim is for this to lead to innovative treatments that make a difference to patients.

Fundamental principle

Next-generation drug development is dependent on scientific developments. By respecting privacy and integrity, while safeguarding and upholding our values in all interactions, we benefit our research, maintain a good reputation and inspire public trust. We conduct innovative research and development with the same high ethics and integrity standards wherever we engage in business. We comply with laws, regulations, codes and guidelines for best practices related to safety, quality, sustainability and the work environment.

Our Code of Conduct describes how Aqilion takes responsibility and contributes in a sustainable way.