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Working at Aqilion

Research is at the heart of what we do

Research is at the heart of what we do and is crucial for our business. We pursue research to develop innovative medicines that can make a difference in the treatment of diseases in which the body’s inflammatory processes play a major role.

Our organizational culture builds on the fundamental values of a sustainable society and is created in the encounter between responsible leaders and employees, based on openness, honesty and respect for the value and dignity of each human being. Read more about our values.

To be a part of our team

Our employees, consultants and collaboration partners represent diversity and create a working place with an international and dynamic environment. We consider diversity to be a competitive advantage.

We also strive to be an attractive and leading partner in our research areas for research groups at universities, pharma companies and in the health care sector.

We seem to be running low on open vacancies right now, but please revisit this page now and then.

Unfortunately, Aqilion cannot support applicants for internship or summer positions or in connections with master thesis.

anneli-2Anneli Tinnerholm

How does it feel to lead Aqilion’s first clinical program?

To be part of Aqilion and taking the step into our first clinical study is both honorable and exciting. As a small company there is not always obvious to have the right resources, but Aqilion values expert competence and doing the right thing at the right time, which makes it possible to build a great team suitable for the challenges to come. I feel confident that the team will bring all the pieces together for a successful development and I’m thankful for the opportunity to be part of such an exciting development program.

Anneli Tinnerholm joined Aqilion in 2022 as Senior Director Clinical Operations


Martin Johansson

Why did you join the Aqilion team?

“The people, the challenge, the potential to do something unique as team. The belief that success will come from doing things the right way and that innovation matters. And that success and innovation are measured in bringing meaningful treatments to patient. All these things made me want to join Aqilion and I saw that my experience and knowledge could make a difference. I was hoping to join a team of professionals where everybody brought their expertise and helped build the company and move the projects forward. And I joined before even knowing about Friday “check-ins” or how truly multifaceted and knowledgeable my Aqilion team members are.”

Martin Johansson joined Aqilion in 2019 as Senior Director Medicinal Chemistry