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Our business concept is to develop new drugs for patients who currently lack effective treatment. We pursue research to develop innovative medicines that can make a difference in the treatment of diseases in which the body’s inflammatory processes play a major role. Our strategy for success is to include sustainable development as part of our business.

Aqilion wants to create added value for partners, customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders. We create value by identifying life science ideas that could potentially lead to new medications and refine them into commercially interesting projects for our customers, who represent the next step in the value chain. Our aim is for this to lead to innovative treatments that make a difference to patients.

Our organizational culture builds on the fundamental values of a sustainable society and is created in the encounter between responsible leaders and employees, based on openness, honesty and respect for the value and dignity of each human being.

Compliance and ethics

We comply with laws, regulations, codes and guidelines, as well as standards of good practice related to safety, quality, research and bioethics. We aim to develop new drugs that not only comply with legal requirements but are also ethically justified.