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Resolutions from Aqilion Annual General Meeting 2023

Helsingborg, June 1, 2023 – AQILION AB (publ) held its Annual General Meeting today, at which the meeting decided in accordance with the proposals presented. For more detailed information on the content of the resolutions, please see the full notice to the Annual General Meeting, which is available on Aqilion's website,

Adoption of income statements and balance sheets
The Annual General Meeting approved the income statement and balance sheet included in the annual report for the business year 2022. The Annual General Meeting decided that the entire amount at the disposal of the Annual General Meeting should be balanced in a new account. The Annual General Meeting granted the Board members and the CEO discharge from liability for the 2022 financial year.

Resolution on dividend
The Annual General Meeting decided that no dividend shall be paid for the financial year 2022.

Determination of the number of Board members and election of the Board
The Annual General Meeting decided that the Board should consist of seven regular members with no deputies.

Roland Andersson (re-election), Bertil Lindmark (re-election), Martin Olovsson (re-election), Gunilla Savring (re-election), Gustaf Albèrt (new election), Kristina Masson (new election) and Anders Kronborg (new election) were elected Board members for the period until the next Annual General Meeting. Bertil Lindmark was elected Chairman of the Board and Gustaf Albert was elected deputy Chairman.

The Chairman of the Annual General Meeting thanked Marie Lidgard and Andreas Segerros, who both declined re-election, for meritorious contributions to the Board.

Determination of renumeration for the Board of Directors and the Auditor

The Annual General Meeting decided that renumeration until the end of the next Annual General Meeting shall be SEK 210,000 to the Chairman of the Board, SEK 150,000 to the deputy Chairman and SEK 100,000 per Board member who is not employed by the Company, and that renumeration to the Auditors shall be paid on approved account.


Election of Auditors

Mazars AB Helsingborg with Chief auditor Andreas Brodström and Bertil Toreson as co-auditor was re-elected as auditors for the time until the next Annual General Meeting.


Determining the principles for the appointment of the Nomination Committee and it's mission

The Annual General Meeting decided according to the Nomination Committee's proposal. The Comination Committee for the AQILION AB 2022 Annual General Meeting consisted of Christian Ewe, Linus Wiebe and Katarina Berggren. The decision on instructions for the Nomination Committee shall apply until the Annual General Meeting decides otherwise.


Decision on directed issue of warrants, Series 2023/2027:A and 2023/2027:S

The Annual General Meeting decided, according to proposals from owners that together represent a holding of 43.1 percent of shares and votes in the Company, on two directed issues of warrants with the right to subscribe for new shares in the Company. The issues must take place with a deviation from the shareholders' pre-emptive right on the following. Warrants of Series 2023/202A are directed to key persons in the Company and warrants of Series 2023/202-S are directed to the Board of Directors of the Company.

For more information, please contact:
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