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Aqilion initiates collaboration with Immunscape

Aqilion searches for early innovative pharmaceutical projects thatare based on solid research resting on a firm biological foundation and offering both clinical relevance and patient benefit. Immunscape has developed innovative molecules that could potentially become new drugs for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases. The project is currently in an early phase of development. The purpose of the new collaboration is to jointly assess and develop the commercial potential of the project.

Aqilion can invest resources in interesting projects to further evaluate their potential and to ensure that they proceed to a full-scale project or project company. Both Aqilion and Immunscape are actively engaged in the assessment in a collaboration that entails an exclusive option for Aqilion to continue its involvement if the project proves to be promising.

“The pre-project phase is important to strengthen the common vision of the project and to assess together with Immunscape’s team whether Aqilion is the right partner to promote continued commercial development of the project. Immunscape has solid drug discovery experience and expertise and the company’s innovative molecule platform is extremely interesting for Aqilion. We look forward to working together on this exciting project,” says Sarah Fredriksson, CEO of AQILION AB.

“We are extremely pleased to have initiated this collaboration with Aqilion, which will accelerate our drug discovery efforts,” says Lars Öhman, CEO of Immunscape AB.

Aqilion is a Swedish life science company that identifies unique pharmaceutical projects at an early phase in the drug discovery process and develops them in preparation for clinical trials. The goal is to demonstrate the clinical and commercial potential of the medical innovation to attract industrial partners and buyers, who in turn have the capacity to continue clinical development and take the product to market. The business model is based on involvement at an early stage and close collaboration with the innovator, regardless of whether the project is initiated by an external researcher, internal development project, or industrial partner. Aqilion prefers projects aimed at niche markets. Specialty medications (high-cost, high complexity and/or high touch drugs) and orphan drugs (drugs to treat diseases so rare that they would be unprofitable to produce without government assistance) are particularly interesting. Aqilion has its headquarters in Helsingborg, Sweden. Please visit

About Immunscape AB 
Immunscape is a drug discovery company that focuses on the development of immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases. Researchers at Immunscape possess unique knowledge about developing drugs aimed at specific target proteins that selectively activate or suppress the immune system. This expertise is used to develop next-generation drugs for patients with the greatest medical needs, who currently lack effective treatment. Immunscape carries out its research on the Solna Campus at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. For more information, please visit

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