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Aqilion focuses on treatments for inflammatory diseases, updates company pipeline

AQILION AB (publ) has decided to expand the Alnitak program by investing resources in a project focused specifically on compounds with the potential to treat inflammatory conditions of the central nervous system (CNS). In order to prioritize projects in the company's pipeline and to make best use of the company's leading-edge expertise, Aqilion will simultaneously close the Alhena oncology project and focus exclusively on drug targets with great potential in inflammatory diseases.

The goal of the Alnitak program is to develop an oral medication that specifically binds to and inhibits the TAK1 target protein. It has been shown that TAK1 (MAP3K7) acts as a master regulator of inflammatory signaling. Aqilion has identified highly potent TAK1 inhibitors through advanced structure-based molecular design. Public domain and internal data suggest that these compounds are among the most potent known TAK1 inhibitors that have drug-like properties. The Alnitak program will now be expanded with a project aimed at developing new compounds with properties suitable for treatment of inflammatory conditions of the central nervous system.

To ensure that resources are prioritized for those projects deemed to have the greatest potential and to further focus the business on inflammatory diseases, Aqilion has decided to close Alhena, an early research project in oncology.

“I am proud that development in the Alnitak program has produced such good results and it is gratifying that the positive results have already received external recognition. There is a great need for novel treatments for inflammatory diseases, which has contributed to our strategic decision to ensure that we realize the potential of the Alnitak program within CNS as well. As a small biotech company that must prioritize our resources, it is a natural step to shut down the Alhena project, which we have not developed as far as the other projects, and which also falls outside our current primary focus area of inflammatory diseases,” says Sarah Fredriksson, CEO of Aqilion.

For more information, please contact:
Sarah Fredriksson, CEO, AQILION AB, + 46 (0)70 261 4575,

About Aqilion
Aqilion is a biotech company that focuses on developing new innovative treatments for diseases caused by chronic inflammation and dysfunctional immune reactions such as autoimmune diseases. The company is mainly active in the early phases of drug discovery, from idea to early clinical development.

Aqilion combines its experience from major pharmaceutical companies with the drive and entrepreneurship of small growth companies. With solid experience of business development in innovative biotech and pharmaceutical companies, Aqilion’s experienced team and board have successfully shepherded drugs all the way from discovery to market.

AQILION AB (publ) is a Swedish public limited company headquartered in Helsingborg, Sweden.