Corporate strategy

  • Build a project portfolio with diversified risk in order to manage cashflow over time
  • Scout both industry and academia for new projects
  • Build and nurture a highly experienced team and a complementary network with key skills
  • Strengthen a proactive outreach and transparent communication strategy
  • Build trust and network with potential partners and co-investors to increase awareness
  • Secure a financial plan to support the long-term objectives

Project strategy

Aqilion’s project strategy is built on five strategic cornerstones:

ONE: Understanding the underlying biological and clinical principles of the project is important and there should be an idea about a potential drug candidate, or at least an idea of how to produce a model candidate within a realistic timeframe and budget.

TWO: We look for projects to fill a defined medical need that are also likely to have a favorable price point and qualify for reimbursement by authorities and insurance companies in a global market.

THREE: It is crucial to have good intellectual property (IP) protection, or good potential to build a strong IP strategy for the project.

FOUR: Since Aqilion invests in ideas at an early stage, it is essential to use a strong industrial focus as a point of departure with respect to potential development partners and buyers of our projects. Aqilion’s projects must be attractive to potential acquirers.

FIVE: We prefer projects aimed at niche markets. Specialty drugs or medicines for rare diseases (orphan indications) are of particular interest.

In addition to these five cornerstones, projects are carefully assessed to determine whether the project can be optimally developed within the Aqilion business model and whether the company can add substantial value to the project.

Scouting to find the right projects

Choosing the right projects is the key to success for Aqilion’s business model. New project ideas are generated internally at Aqilion, or in collaboration with external actors. To identify potential projects, we continually monitor and analyze international patent bases, news from clinical trials and progress on the research front in our prioritized indications. In addition, we actively explore ideas by interacting with:

  • Academic groups with innovative ideas based on prominent research
  • Small biotech companies
  • Industry, where we look for stalled projects of interest that may be a good fit for Aqilion’s business model

We prefer projects that target niche markets. Opportunities aimed at specialty pharma and orphan drug indications are of particular interest.