Report from the Annual General Meeting in AQILION AB

Helsingborg, Sweden – June 10, 2020 – AQILION AB held its Annual General Meeting today on June 10, 2020, during which the Meeting resolved in accordance with the proposals set forth by the Board…

Aqilion publishes the Annual Report for 2019

Helsingborg, Sweden – May 15, 2020 – AQILION AB announces today that the Annual Report for 2019 is now available in Swedish on the Company’s website. The report summarizes the Company’s…

Torgeir Vaage joins Aqilion as Chief Financial Officer

Helsingborg, Sweden – May 11, 2020 – AQILION AB announced today that Torgeir Vaage has joined the company as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Torgeir will be responsible for the finance department…

Aqilion project company Trophea to be liquidated

Today AQILION AB announced that the extraordinary general meeting of the project company Trophea AB, with its wholly owned subsidiary Trophea Development AB, resolved to liquidate the companies. According to the decision, liquidation will begin on December 28, 2019.

Aqilion presents Nomination Committee for the 2020 Annual General Meeting

The Nomination Committee has been appointed and comprises the following members:
Helena Arcombe, appointed by the shareholder Länsförsäkringar
Malin Ruijsenaars, appointed by the shareholders Grenspecialisten AB and LMK Forward AB
Clas Runnberg, appointed to represent other shareholders
Lena Mårtensson, appointed to represent Aqilion’s network of advisors

Aqilion sells shareholdings in portfolio company Glactone Pharma

AQILION AB is selling its entire stake in the portfolio company Glactone Pharma AB to Daniel Lifveredson Invest AB. The purchase price is divided into a smaller amount as initial payment at the time of takeover and an additional payment based on Glactone Pharma’s future performance.

Aqilion project company Adenovir Pharma liquidated

Today AQILION AB announced that the extraordinary general meeting of the project company Adenovir Pharma AB resolved to liquidate the company. According to the decision, liquidation will begin on…

Aqilion initiates collaboration with Immunscape

Aqilion searches for early innovative pharmaceutical projects thatare based on solid research resting on a firm biological foundation and offering both clinical relevance and patient benefit….

PULS changes its name to AQILION AB

Today the company Partners för Utvecklingsinvesteringar inom Life Science, P.U.L.S. AB is changing its name to AQILION AB. The name change marks a new phase in the development of the company, with…

PULS hires Fredrik Lindgren as Chief Business Officer

On July 1, 2018 Fredrik Lindgren will assume the position of Chief Business Officer (CBO) at PULS. In his new role Fredrik will work with strategic and operational business development of the PULS portfolio, as well as contribute with support to the development of the individual project companies.

Glactone Pharma receives funding from Swelife and Medtech4health

​Glactone Pharma, in collaboration with researchers from Karolinska Institutet and Lund University, has been awarded a SEK 1,000,000 (approx. USD 115,000) grant from Swelife and Medtech4health. Glactone Pharma’s project, STAT3 inhibition as immunotherapy for the treatment of prostate cancer, aims to investigate the mechanism behind the combination effect of STAT3 inhibition and immunotherapy.

Glactone Pharma receives new funding from Vinnova

​In strong competition and after external examination, Glactone Pharma has been awarded a SEK 886,500 grant (approx. USD 106,000) from Vinnova (Sweden’s Innovation Agency) in the second phase of a program aimed at innovative startup companies. The funded project will be used to characterize Glactone Pharma’s lead STAT3 inhibitor, a potential new drug for the treatment of cancers.

Glactone Pharma granted patent for STAT3 inhibitors

Glactone Pharma has been granted a Swedish patent covering novel synthetic analogs of the STAT3 inhibitor GPA500 with improved druglike properties. Glactone Pharma is actively profiling small-molecule inhibitors of STAT3 as a potential new immunotherapy and for the treatment of drug resistant cancers.

Glactone Pharma receives funding from Vinnova

​In strong competition and after external examination, Glactone Pharma has been awarded a Vinnova (Sweden’s Innovation Agency) grant for innovative startup companies. The funded project will further investigate STAT3 as a target for cancer immunotherapy.

Recipharm and Laccure agree commercial collaboration

Leading contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) Recipharm is entering into a collaboration with Laccure AB for the commercial manufacture and delivery of Laccure® Pessary.

Oncorena strengthens its Board

Oncorena Holding AB today announces that the company at an extra shareholder’s meeting decided to strengthen the board following the capitalization earlier this autumn.

Successful new share issue in AcuCort

During August and September AcuCort AB implemented a preferential new share issue amounting to MSEK 6, which was over-subscribed. The share issue was implemented in order to provide capital for the operations and to broaden the ownership in preparation for a planned listing in 2017.

Glactone Pharma is awarded financing from VINNOVA

Glactone Pharma has been awarded financing from the VINNOVA, Sweden’s Innovation Agency, for a new innovation project. The project is aimed at developing methods to design novel synthetic analogs…

Glactone Pharma is granted a European patent

The patent relates to novel synthetic analogs of the STAT3 inhibitor GPA500 with improved properties. Glactone Pharma is actively profiling novel small-molecule inhibitors of STAT3 for the treatment…

Glactone Pharma innovators publish new study showing that the STAT3 inhibitor galiellalactone reduces tumor growth and metastatic spread in an animal model of prostate cancer

Members of Glactone Pharma’s innovator group have published an article in the highly rated scientific journal European Urology: “The STAT3 Inhibitor Galiellalactone Effectively Reduces Tumor Growth and Metastatic Spread in an Orthotopic Xenograft Mouse Model of Prostate Cancer” is published in the journal European Urology, impact factor 13.938 (Eur Urol. 2015, doi:10.1016/j.eururo.2015.06.016).

Adenovir receives VINNOVA grant for second generation drug against contagious eye infection

​Adenovir develops drugs against the contagious eye disease EKC (epidemic keratoconjunctivitis), one of which is now being tested in phase II. VINNOVA, the Swedish Government Agency for Innovation Systems, has granted Adenovir SA Development AB SEK 500,000 for the pharmaceutical development of a second generation drug for the treatment of EKC.

Adenovir Pharma strengthens its board

​Adenovir Pharma has strengthened its board of directors with the addition of two new members with solid experience from the pharma industry, Karin Wingstrand and Mats Lidgard.
“It is very positive that we have managed to attract people like Karin and Mats to our board in the current phase, as we are preparing the company for an exit,” says Stefan Appelgren, chairman of the board, Adenovir.

American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO): Glactone Pharma demonstrates that new compound reduces immunosuppressive markers in prostate cancer cells

Glactone Pharma has generated new exciting data demonstrating that the STAT3 inhibitor GPA500 reduces immunosuppressive markers on treatment resistant prostate cancer cells and that activation of the oncogenic STAT3 pathway is a mechanism of treatment resistance. The results will be published as an abstract (J Clin Oncol 33, 2015 (suppl; abstr e16075)) at ASCO.

American Association for Cancer Research: Glactone Pharma to present data on the effect of new compound on anti-androgen resistant prostate cancer cells

Glactone Pharma will be presenting new exciting data at the annual meeting for AACR, on April 19, that demonstrate that the STAT3 inhibitor GPA500 suppresses the growth of prostate cancer cells resistant to second-generation anti-androgens. With GPA500 as a lead, Glactone Pharma has developed novel proprietary STAT3 inhibitors with improved drug like properties.

Glactone attracts attention in international journals

Glactone Pharma AB, a project company in P.U.L.S, Sweden’s leading life science incubator, is developing a drug for the treatment of metastasizing castration resistant prostate cancer. Glactone,…

Adenovir Pharma raises MSEK 10 to complete phase II study and prepare for exit

The Swedish pharmaceutical development company Adenovir Pharma has raised SEK 10 million via a rights issue to fund completion of an ongoing clinical phase II study for treatment of infectious eye disease and to prepare for exit. Caused by adenoviruses, millions of people are infected every year by epidemic keratoconjunctivitis (EKC).

Glactone Pharma raises 5,5 MSEK

Glactone Pharma AB, a project company in P.U.L.S, Sweden’s leading life science incubator, has recently issued a new round of shares of 5.5 MSEK for the continued development of their novel drug for the treatment of castration resistant prostate cancer.

Adenovir Pharma strengthens its patents for the treatment of eye infections

Adenovir Pharma’s patent application relating to its novel compound for the treatment of the serious eye infection, epidemic keratoconjunctivitis (EKC), has been approved by the European Patent Office (EPO). Previously this patent has been approved in South Africa and is in national phase in several key markets.

Startup Glactone Pharma develops prostate cancer drug

Glactone Pharma is a new project company within PULS, Sweden´s largest private incubator in life science. Glactone Pharma develops a new drug against castration-resistant prostate cancer, a stage of the disease when the tumor is unresponsive to therapy with anti-hormonal drugs. This corresponds to approximately 40% of all prostate cancer patients and they lack effective treatment today.

Excellent clinical results for new treatment of bacterial vaginosis

The Swedish company Laccure AB has developed a breakthrough product for treatment and prevention of bacterial vaginosis (BV) with a proven cure rate of 80 percent already after one vaginal tablet. The product recently got CE marking as a Class IIa medical device.

A major deal for pharmaceuticals company DuoCort

DuoCort AB har ingått avtal med läkemedelsföretaget ViroPharma Incorporated om att sälja dotterbolaget DuoCort Pharma AB med dess egenutvecklade läkemedel Plenadren®, en ny behandling för binjurebarksvikt, även kallad Addisons sjukdom. Det totala avtalsvärdet uppgår till över en miljard kronor varav 220 miljoner erhålls i samband med ViroPharmas förvärv av DuoCort Pharma.

Positive Opinion from CHMP for Plenadren

The Swedish specialty pharma company, DuoCort Pharma announced today that the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) of the European Medicines Agency issued a positive opinion recommending marketing authorisation of its product Plenadren, a novel treatment for adrenal insufficiency.

Positive clinical data for new prostate cancer treatment

LIDDS new local treatment of prostate cancer shows a clear local antiandrogen response and is well tolerated. The Swedish pharmaceutical company presented interim data from its phase IIa trial at the 26th Annual Congress of the European Association of Urology (EAU) in Vienna this weekend.

Maria Forss selected in Swedish Initiative for Women Board Members

PULS’s Head of Business Development, Maria Forss, is one of the 200 women selected by Maud Olofsson, the Minister for Enterprise and Energy, in collaboration with ALMI Företagspartner, to participate in the Styrelsekraft program. This is a national mentoring program targeting qualified and experienced women who have the ambition to be board members of both private and public companies

New chronotherapy for Addison´s disease

Helsingborg June 29th 2009- DuoCort publishes data from its Phase I study for the rare and life threatening disease adrenal insufficiency. The release profile of DuoCort’s new form of treatment with once-a-day hydrocortisone dosing resembles the physiological secretion pattern. The data is published today in the European Journal of Endocrinology, a leading scientific journal for endocrinology.

Successful phase II/III trial of new therapy for Addison´s disease

Helsingborg/ Washington DC June 12th 2009- DuoCort gained promising data from its Phase II/III study for the rare and life threatening disease adrenal insufficiency. DuoCort’s new form of physiological treatment with once daily dosing show improved cardiovascular measures compared to standard hydrocortisone given thrice daily. The company presents the data at the ENDO congress in Washington DC.

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