Maria Forss selected in Swedish Initiative for Women Board Members

PULS’s Head of Business Development, Maria Forss, is one of the 200 women selected by Maud Olofsson, the Minister for Enterprise and Energy, in collaboration with ALMI Företagspartner, to participate in the Styrelsekraft program. This is a national mentoring program targeting qualified and experienced women who have the ambition to be board members of both private and public companies

New chronotherapy for Addison´s disease

Helsingborg June 29th 2009- DuoCort publishes data from its Phase I study for the rare and life threatening disease adrenal insufficiency. The release profile of DuoCort’s new form of treatment with once-a-day hydrocortisone dosing resembles the physiological secretion pattern. The data is published today in the European Journal of Endocrinology, a leading scientific journal for endocrinology.

Successful phase II/III trial of new therapy for Addison´s disease

Helsingborg/ Washington DC June 12th 2009- DuoCort gained promising data from its Phase II/III study for the rare and life threatening disease adrenal insufficiency. DuoCort’s new form of physiological treatment with once daily dosing show improved cardiovascular measures compared to standard hydrocortisone given thrice daily. The company presents the data at the ENDO congress in Washington DC.

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