On July 1, 2018 Fredrik Lindgren will assume the position of Chief Business Officer (CBO) at PULS. In his new role Fredrik will work with strategic and operational business development of the PULS portfolio, as well as contribute with support to the development of the individual project companies.

Most recently Fredrik Lindgren held the position of Senior Director, Head of Global Business Development, at LEO Pharma. He has extensive experience of business development processes through several earlier positions at companies such as AstraZeneca and Umetrics AB. Fredrik holds both a PhD and a Master’s degree in chemistry from Umeå University.

“We are excited to welcome Fredrik Lindgren to our team. Part of the strategy at PULS is to strengthen the organization with a major focus on business development in our project portfolio. We are therefore pleased to have completed the recruitment process, which has been one of our objectives during the spring. Fredrik’s extensive industrial and international experience of business development, partner-financed projects, purchases and sales of major pharmaceutical projects and product portfolios is a brilliant complement to the PULS team,” says Sarah Fredriksson, CEO of PULS.

The PULS business concept is to develop innovative treatment methods with great patient benefit and sell them to industrial partners for further development and distribution to patients on a global market. We strive to ensure that our customers on the global market choose PULS projects based on quality, patient benefit and market potential. Our goal is to provide solid returns for our shareholders by maximizing the value of product ideas together with innovators in pharma and medtech, where PULS provides clear business-oriented entrepreneurial knowhow, broad scientific expertise and long-term financing.

For more information, please contact:
Sarah Fredriksson, CEO, P.U.L.S. AB, +46 (0)70 261 4575, sarah.fredriksson@pulsinvest.se

About PULS
P.U.L.S. AB (Partners för Utvecklingsinvesteringar inom Life Sciences / Partners for Development investments in the Life Sciences) is a Swedish life science company with a unique combination of researchers and industry representatives who work together with innovators to commercialize ideas through capital, know-how and a committed partnership. PULS invests in early projects and develops them in close collaboration with innovators, shepherding them all the way from idea to completed attractive project for industry. Since 2002 PULS has started eleven project companies: two were sold, one was discontinued, two were floated on the stock market (AcuCort and LIDDS), and one was outlicensed. PULS has its headquarters in Helsingborg. Current PULS projects: Adenovir Pharma, Belina, Glactone Pharma, Oncorena and Trophea. www.pulsinvest.se

P.U.L.S. AB (Partners för Utvecklingsinvesteringar inom Life Sciences) är ett svenskt life science-bolag med en unik kombination av forskare och industrialister som tillsammans med innovatörer kommersialiserar idéer genom kapital, know-how och ett engagerat partnerskap. PULS investerar i tidiga projekt och utvecklar dem i nära samarbete med innovatörerna hela vägen från idé till attraktiva projekt för industrin. Sedan 2002 har PULS startat elva projektbolag; avyttrat två, lagt ned ett, börsintroducerat två (AcuCort och LIDDS) samt utlicensierat ett. PULS har sitt huvudkontor i Helsingborg. PULS pågående projekt är: Adenovir Pharma, Belina, Glactone Pharma, Oncorena och Trophea. www.pulsinvest.se.