Project portfolio in brief

Aqilion has active holdings in five projects

Two of them, Oncorena and Laccure, are run as companies in which Aqilion holds a principal ownership stake. The Aqilion team works in close collaboration with the project management of both of these companies.

During the fourth quarter 2019, the company launched three new innovative Aqilion Discovery projects, Alnitak 1, Alnitak 2 and Alhena, which are run as wholly owned internal projects.

Our projects are driven internally and integrated with highly experienced companies with specialized cutting-edge knowledge in drug discovery. In some cases, when multiple owners contribute external funding in the projects, they are run as individual associates or subsidiaries, with support from Aqilion’s common central resources. This flexibility permits a focus at the project level, but also allows for comprehensive diversification, risk management and an opportunistic view of new projects.

Holdings in exited listed company

AQILION AB is the principal owner in AcuCort AB, a public company listed in 2017 on Spotlight Stock Market, Sweden. AcuCort was previously managed by Aqilion (legacy PULS). Aqilion’s holdings in AcuCort totaled 5,069,066 shares, 25.9%, at June 30, 2020.