Oncorena is developing a drug based on the natural substance orellanine, a highly kidney-specific toxin from certain mushrooms. The therapeutic concept is to expose patients with advanced renal (kidney) cancer in dialysis (who cannot be cured by surgery) to orellanine in order to destroy metastases. The goal is to create long-term survival benefit for patients.

The plan is to conduct the initial clinical trials at clinics in Sweden. During 2019, work on the preliminary toxicology studies has continued prior to an initial clinical trial on patients, which is an important milestone for Oncorena. The preclinical orellanine studies are underway and will be completed in the spring of 2020. The first clinical trial, a combined Phase 1/2-study, is expected to start during 2020/2021.

Oncorena is an affiliated project and AQILION AB owns a 30.7% stake (December 31, 2019) and is a principal owner of the company together with HealthCap. www.oncorena.com.