Glactone Pharma AB, a project company in P.U.L.S, Sweden’s leading life science incubator, is developing a drug for the treatment of metastasizing castration resistant prostate cancer. Glactone, and its drug discovery project focused on the signaling protein STAT3, was recently profiled in the highly regarded journal BioCentury. Furthermore, research by the innovator group on STAT3, which is over activated in cancer cells, was published in April in the highly ranked scientific journal Journal of Biological Chemistry and was then selected as ”paper of the week”.  

“It is very satisfying that the project we are working on has gained such attention from the scientific community. Glactone is still in an early phase, but everything indicates that blocking STAT3 can be an effective way of treating prostate cancer and other cancer forms”, says Martin Johansson, project manager for Glactone. 

Glactone Pharma is developing a novel drug for the treatment of late stage prostate cancer, castration resistant prostate cancer, for which there are few treatment options. The project is based on research that shows the natural product galiellalactone can inhibit the growth of cancer cells by blocking the signaling protein STAT3. Studies also demonstrate that STAT3 is over activated in other cancer forms than prostate cancer.

 “The research on prostate cancer is extensive, but as far as we know we are the only company targeting STAT3 in this disease. Now we are focusing on having a compound ready for phase I clinical trials which are estimated to commence in 2016”, says Johansson.

BioCentury is a biotech and biopharma focused journal. The Journal of Biological Chemistry publishes articles based on research that is considered to contribute with new and important molecular and cellular findings in biological processes.

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Glactone Pharma AB is developing a drug for the treatment of castration resistant prostate cancer. Research has shown that the natural product galiellalactone can modulate a signaling protein (STAT3) that is over activated in cancer cells. The goal is to develop drugs against metastasizing cancer where galiellalactone is used as a chemical starting point to make novel, patentable compounds. Glactone is situated in Helsingborg, Sweden. For more information please visit www.glactone.