aqilion-sarah-fredriksson-image-cOur strategy is to actively seek feedback regarding early-stage projects from biotech and pharmaceutical companies that could potentially take over the baton from Aqilion and take the drug candidate through the later stage of development and eventually to patients. A partner with a solid organization, strong business development and recognized skills could also directly contribute value and knowledge that would strengthen Aqilion’s expertise and competitiveness.

Of our three in-house discovery projects, Alnitak has the highest priority and has also made the greatest progress in development. The goal is to develop drug candidates that bind to TAK-1, a target protein that affects inflammatory processes in the body. A successful project can therefore help to develop new medications to treat autoinflammatory conditions, as well as new combination therapies within oncology and inflammatory diseases.

Our goal is to nominate a drug candidate within 12 months. During the spring the Alnitak project has made good progress, on schedule, with promising results for the project.

Actively seeking external feedback and validation early in projects is a key component of our business model. A challenging task, of course, that is also both inspiring and motivating. The most important confirmation that we are developing an interesting project is the positive and encouraging feedback we have received and continue to receive from the biotech and pharmaceutical companies with which we have recently been in contact. In June, we also participated in the BIO 2021 DIGITAL (BIO International Convention) event, a global partnering conference attended by many of the world’s biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Our goal for participation was to enhance the Aqilion brand and to make additional contacts with potential partners for our exciting top-priority Alnitak project. We can conclude, and it is greatly encouraging, that interest in following the development of Alnitak has proven to be strong among potential partners. We are well aware that we have not yet reached the goal, but the strong interest in Alnitak confirms that we are on the right track and that we are developing a commercially promising and interesting project.

Over the past six months, our focus in the evaluation projects, which we also refer to as pre-projects, has been to identify and choose a project that is ready for clinical development. The project proposals we are working on should complement Aqilion’s focus on inflammation and should have the potential to add combination opportunities with our pipeline of early stage projects. The aim is to add such a project in the fall and I believe that we are well placed to achieve this goal.

Sarah Fredriksson, PhD

CEO and President, AQILION AB