Aqilion focuses on creating new drugs for the treatment of inflammatory diseases. We are pleased that during the third quarter we started a new project, Polaris, with the aim of developing new drug candidates, the first in their class, for the treatment of chronic inflammation.

During the the year, we have continued to focus on strengthening Aqilion’s pipeline while advancing existing projects according to plan. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we adapted our procedures and we are pleased to be able to report that Aqilion’s own internal projects are progressing without any major delays.

The external announcements of drug targets in our Alnitak project, as well as the recently initiated Polaris project, have yielded positive responses in discussions with potential future partners. Taking this step, in which we have positioned Aqilion as a biotech company and presented our internal projects to external stakeholders, represents an important milestone for us. The individual most important component for Aqilion to be a successful and sustainable company is for our pipeline to be so attractive that Aqilion can be developed effectively, while motivating value that is of interest to the shareholders over time, even if individual projects are discontinued while new ones are added.

As co-founder and principal owner of the listed company AcuCort AB, we are pleased that the drug for treatment of acute and severe allergic reactions, ISICORT®, received market authorization in Sweden from the Medical Products Agency in early October. Aqilion’s mission is to develop our projects far enough for new owners to easily take over and commercialize the drug to benefit both patients and health services. In this perspective, Aqilion has now achieved an important milestone with respect to AcuCort.

In September, the exit process was initiated for Laccure AB, where Aqilion is actively participating and providing operational resources. The new manufacturing process that Laccure has worked with since 2019 has resulted in a commercially attractive concept. Our goal is to identify a partner that is established in the women’s health market to assume responsibility for the project with the capacity to market the product worldwide.

Aqilion is mainly active in the early phases of drug discovery, from idea to early clinical development. Our top priority over the next six months is to identify a project that is ready to go into clinical development in the near future. This is an important cornerstone of the development of our pipeline in terms of value. In addition to value, a more mature project is part of our risk management strategy through diversification in our project portfolio. I am proud to be part of a highly talented team that has already taken major steps in establishing our pipeline and I look forward with confidence to working together to identify and implement this strategically important component.

We are excited about the move to Aqilion’s new headquarters early next year in an engaging community in the Prisma building, Helsingborg’s new urban icon in the Oceanhamnen neighborhood. We will have access to new premises that suit us well and a great opportunity to strengthen our network in daily life with entrepreneurs, innovative companies and investors.

Sarah Fredriksson, PhD

Chief Executive Officer, AQILION AB