Aqilion focuses on developing new innovative drug candidates that can relieve and prevent chronic inflammation and dysfunctional immune reactions, such as autoinflammatory and autoimmune diseases. To ensure that our projects maintain a high standard and are attractive to future partners, we must constantly challenge, improve and enhance our internal expertise and knowledge. One effective approach entails collaboration with academic research groups with expertise in inflammation and the biological systems that build up our innate immune system.

As part of this effort, we have therefore deepened our collaboration with Professor Eva Särndahl’s research group at Örebro University in Sweden. By working together and expanding our knowledge, we will be able to verify the characteristics of our drug candidates in an efficient and professional external research environment, while also gaining new knowledge and ideas to continue the development of our pipeline. During the first half of the year, we are jointly focusing on the drug candidates that we developed within the context of our Alnitak program. The Alnitak project focuses on developing new drug candidates that can help patients suffering from chronic inflammation in a variety of diseases.

Aqilion’s main role in the value chain is to identify exciting innovations and convert them into early clinical projects, at which point the pharmaceutical industry can take over and lead the development toward approved medications. We are extremely pleased that Johan Lund has taken on the role of Chief Scientific Officer of the company. He has solid experience and knows what it takes to succeed. He is also well acquainted with Aqilion’s operations through his position as Chairman of the Board.

Owners, the Board of Directors and management all agree that an initial public offering (IPO) is the path that Aqilion should choose to ensure growth as a sustainable biotech company and to strengthen financing over the longer term. Our goal is to offer both current and new shareholders a liquid share with good value growth over time, despite any dilution along the way, which in combination with future dividends will attract new capital and engaged owners.

We are now mainly focusing on our pipeline to ensure a mix of projects with great potential and balanced risk that meet the expectations placed on an interesting biotech company in the Swedish stock market. The goal is set to add a more mature project within inflammation that is in the early clinical phase and with a good strategically fit with our discovery projects.

Each and every one of my colleagues at Aqilion is a key player on an innovative and dynamic team. I am therefore particularly pleased when our efforts are reflected in progress in the form of external interest in our projects, especially in the growing patent family. I look forward to sharing the continued development with the Aqilion team, our owners and partners. Together, we have the courage and the conviction to build an exciting new Swedish biotechnology company.

Sarah Fredriksson, PhD

Chief Executive Officer, AQILION AB