Scouting the best opportunities

New project ideas are generated internally or in collaboration with external partners.

We actively scout ideas by interacting with:

  • Projects scouted or recommended by members of the Aqilion network
  • Industrial projects suitable for repurposing or repositioning
  • Academic groups

Evaluation process and pre-project phase

The evaluation process, which is based on the overarching project criteria, usually begins with a pre-project phase, during which the Aqilion team delves into the project to gain an understanding of its unique challenges and opportunities. In this phase Aqilion can invest resources to further evaluate the potential in order to help the project mature into a full-scale project or project company.

The pre-project phase is important to establish trust and a shared vision of the project with external partners and experts. Equally important the pre-project phase serves as an intense data and technical analyses of all early projects experience progress and setbacks. Courage, and integrity, as well as curiosity and intensive collaborative efforts are crucial for success over time.

Our value proposition

Aqilion pursues and transforms ideas aimed at testing and refining science into clinical translation. Our experienced team members have diverse backgrounds and cutting-edge knowledge that enable us to provide the projects with hands-on support. Together with partners, project managers and selected specialists, our team manages and supports projects from idea to exit.

The goal is to deliver clinical proof-of-concept and an interesting value proposition to attract partners for the final phases of clinical development and commercialization of new innovative treatments that offer both clinical relevance and patient benefit.

Our collaboration partners

In April 2019, Aqilion AB and Immunscape AB announced the collaboration regarding a pre-project currently in an early phase of development. The purpose of the collaboration is to jointly assess and develop the commercial potential of the project, see press release.

In  December 2019, Aqilion announced that its new project Alnitak is being run with Red Glead Discovery and SARomics Biostructures as prioritized CROs (contract research organizations) and partners in the company’s expansion of new projects in early phase, see press release.