About our company

We believe that the best source of new treatments comes from identifying, shaping and strengthening early drug innovation. We want to challenge and apply science in combination with creativity and entrepreneurship to maximize health care value for society.

We seek ideas that could potentially both improve patient quality of life and streamline health care. Aqilion pursues and transforms ideas aimed at testing and refining science into clinical translation. The goal is to demonstrate the clinical and commercial potential of the medical innovation to attract industrial partners and buyers, who in turn have the capacity to continue clinical development and take the product to the patients.

AQILION AB (publ) is a Swedish public limited company headquartered in Helsingborg, Sweden.

About our business

We explore ideas that are based on solid scientific grounds and that have the potential to become new medications and refines them into commercially interesting projects. It is becoming increasingly common for our customers, who represent the next step in the chain (the pharmaceutical and biotech industry) to acquire external development projects, and when they do so early in the development process. Thus, the innovative aspect combined with medical need are crucial factors.

We focus on indications within chronic inflammation and dysfunctional immunological reactions such as autoimmunity, where we see a great future need, good potential for innovation and a clear interest in the market.

About our company name

In 2019, Aqilion changed its name from PULS (legacy Partners for Development Investments in Life Sciences, P.U.L.S. AB). The new company name derives from Aquila, the Latin for eagle, and from the Aquila constellation, seen in the Nordic sky. The name symbolizes the concept of a constellation of partners, as well as the ability to exercise an “eagle eye” by applying the company’s extensive experience to identify and pursue unique opportunities.