Early involvement and close collaboration

Aqilion’s business model is based on involvement at an early stage and close collaboration with experts, academic research groups and key personnel, regardless of whether the project is initiated by Aqilion’s team, an academic researcher, or an industrial partner.

Aqilion prefers to get involved at an early stage, preferably at the beginning of a defined project, in order to support the project and optimize development of the project plan and patent strategy at an early stage.

The model offers a unique alternative for academic research groups that want to continue within academia, while being involved in developing their idea from early discovery to a commercial pharmaceutical project. Similarly, as a partner we offer an operational team and a future for projects that have reached a dead end within the industry for various reasons, but that have excellent potential under Aqilion.

Sharing resources and co-financing

In Aqilion’s business model, early-stage project development delivers the value proposition and is the key cost driver. Revenue and return on investment are based on co-development, licensing deals or through merger & acquisition.

Aqilion strives to keep fixed costs low, while minimizing project costs by sharing resources, creating long-term relationships with specialists, CRO and CMOs, and identifying partners for co-financing approaches where necessary.